Swimming and Diving Adds Kristin Klein As Assistant Coach

SUNY Erie has added Kristin Klein to their swimming and diving coaching staff for the 2018-2019 season under head coach Phil Schneider. 

“I’m very excited to have her on deck this year. Last year, Kristin Klein was a volunteer assistant with our team. This year, I am bringing Kristin on for many reasons. One being, she is a SUNY Erie alum. She knows the program inside and out and what are our core values stand for." said Coach Schneider.

"She will primarily be helping out the swim team, along with the diving team under diving coach, Mike McDowell. She will be an asset to this program. She knows what it takes to succeed as she reached top ten in the nation when she was a SUNY Erie KAT.”

The Kats open their season on October 24th when they host Monroe at the Burt Flickinger Athletic Center on October 25th at 5PM